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Natural Sandstone Buff Polish

About maharaja laheriya buff

Maharaja Laheriya Buff as the name suggests is mainly a Traditional Sandstone of a Maharaja Time. Due to the color of Maharaja Laheriya Buff, this every human being like its colors, surface, and texture. This Maharaja Laheriya Buff Sandstone gives an opportunity to everyone to create that unique look that he wants to make.

This type of Sandstone is used in Buland Darwaza which is known as the Door of Victory. Buland Darwaza was built by Mughal Emperor, Akbar in 1602 AD to his victory over Gujarat. Maharaja Laheriya Buff is also used in Pataliputra Capital which is a monumental rectangular capital.

We at KEIPL offer an extensive range of both the exterior and interior Sandstone to set your designs apart. If you have some of the ideas about your home, restaurant, palace, etc. and you want to give a better look, then Quote us now and transform your ideas into reality. The categories of this Sandstone are Honed, Polish, Short Blast, and Flamed. The features and size of Maharja Laheriya Buff are shown below.

Tiles: 30x30 60x30 60x60 60x90
with width thickness: 2 2.5 3 4 5
Palisades: 10-12x12 25x30-250cm
Wall cladding: 100x25 45x5
Step blocks: 75-200x35x15
  • Floor-plates, facing bricks, wall stone ,skirVng stone and cobblestones
  • Natural ,sandblasted, bush-hammered , and flamed
  • SANDSTONE EDGES - Hand cut, random and MC

Colour : Yellow